Who makes FORTIS Tyre Changers?

FORTIS brand Tyre Equipment is exclusive to Tyre Stuff Ltd throughout the UK and Europe. The brand is manufactured by the Nexion group, an Italian group of automotive companies that strive to bring together the very best experience across the automotive sector.

If you are looking for reviews of FORTIS Tyre Changers or other equipment then you’ll be comforted to know that the brand sits alongside names such as Corghi tyre equipment, SICE Tyre Changers as well as Stenhoj, TECO and other well-known brands from the Nexion group

With more than 60 years of history, today the Nexion Group is a world leader in the automotive sector. Experience and continuous research into innovation coexist in a single group, which brings together the sector’s top brands in a solid and increasingly international company.

One of the cornerstones of their automotive equipment production process starts from a cutting-edge automated system of all mechanical processes. This ensures an optimal control of the manufacturing process and guarantees the maximum quality of the finished product, be it tyre changers, wheel balancers, automotive lifts or other garage equipment.

Design and production excellence is also pursued through many dedicated plants and centres, for an extremely specialised supply chain focused on the characteristics of any garage equipment product produced by Nexion.

Why are Fortis Tyre changers less expensive than normal Italian Tyre Changers?

The answer is simple. That’s how they are designed! With normal budget tyre changers or cheap tyre machines, they are manufactured in China, with limited quality checks and subpar components to keep the price down while trying to provide high specification.

Nexion take a different view with FORTIS. There is no differential in quality of parts used. The FORTIS range of Tyre Changers and Wheel balancers have the same specification of parts as other machines in the group, such as SICE and Corghi, we just don’t have the “bells and whistles”.

This results in a high quality, low cost tyre changer that is suited to most applications a small to medium tyre shop will encounter. If you are wanting huge turntable tyre changers, tyre machines with centre post fittings, lever less operation and the like then models such as SICE provide this. If you are a fitting shop, looking for a solid, dependable everyday machine for UK passenger car and LGV work then look no further than FORTIS.

Take a look at our full range here FORTIS TYRE CHANGERS AND WHEEL BALANCERS


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