Increasing the turnover of your tyre shop is the goal for most people. There are a few ways to do this, depending on how much you want to spend. It doesn’t have to be a huge investment to get your tyre shop making a bit more money.

Marketing / Advertising for your tyre shop

This is vital to getting people through the door. Take a look at who is around you in terms of competition and make sure you are pricing your services accordingly. Advertising can be cheap as you are only targeting a 10/15 mile radius of your shop.

Make sure you have done these things as they are either free or low cost;

  1. Have a social presence on twitter and FB for your business
  2. Have a website so people can find you. Nothing flash, just a presence.
  3. Get E-mail addresses from customers so you can e-mail them
  4. Speak to local papers, see if you can get an article in there or failing that look at Ad’s or coupon insertions.
  5. Word of mouth / Refer a friend – Small discounts for referrals
  6. Make sure you have a free listing with


If you’re feeling flush and want to spend a bit more you could;

  1. Have a website revamp – Get professional content written to get you more visible on the web and look at features to make booking and quoting easy
  2. Use paid advertising online to attract new customers
  3. Take out larger adverts in local papers


Existing Customers

If you have been trading for some time you will have a customer base. You could look at increasing turnover by offering more services to them. Some things to consider adding in your shop would be:

  1. Customer kits (Screen wash / puncture kit / car valeting)
  2. Wiper blades
  3. Exhausts and Batteries
  4. Air con re-gas
  5. Nitrogen inflation
  6. Diagnostics and servicing
  7. Mobile fitting (Big Investment)
  8. MOT (Huge investment!!)

Maximising your existing customers is a great way of building the turnover, it all depends on what’s around you service and price wise and what your customers are like. Each are will have a distinct type of customer and vehicle and you should be targeting accordingly.


Don’t forget to look at your costs

We all slip into a buying habit of our weights and valves etc and sometimes, we don’t always check how things compare.

Take a look around and make sure you are saving where you can. is one of the cheapest places around for your day to day consumables like tyre valves, Balance weights and Tyre repair materials.

Take a look and compare, you might be surprised at just how much you could save.




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