If you are thinking of starting in tyres or perhaps adding tyres to your garage or MOT offerings it can be a bit of a minefield researching your requirements.

There are Tyre Changers from £1000 to £10000, wheel balancer with all manner of features and special functions let alone all the small consumables and tools that you might need. How are you supposed to know what tyre equipment budget you need?

The simple answer is, not as much as you might think. Let’s not look for cheap, second hand Tyre Changers from E-bay…. They are being sold for a reason! But you don’t need to send over the odds for machinery that quite frankly suits a large fast fit centre or dealership.

You can get into tyres from as little as £995 with our entry level tyre machine package. This machine package is ideal for up to 20” rims and small volume weekly work. Anything up to 20 tyres a week would suit this package. Let’s say you manage to do 20 tyres a week at £10 profit per tyre. Your machinery will be paid off and you could be adding another £200 to the bottom line after that. It’s a no brainer isn’t it!!

If you want to go slightly higher on the specifications take a look at our Tyre machine package 2. This includes the larger 24” Fully automatic Tyre Changer with assist arm along with the motorised 24” wheel balancer. The full specs are here.

Again, £10 profit on a tyre at 20 tyres a week is a mere 10 week payback on your investment.

All in all, if you want to start doing Tyres, Tyre Stuff is the place to go. High quality equipment with great back up service. Pre designed packages, including all required accessories and tools with a 24/7 delivery service for ongoing consumables. Call us or contact us now.

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